ChatGPT Security: Tips for Safe Interactions with Generative AI

Learn ChatGPT security tips to protect your data from data leakage while benefiting from this generative AI tool.

Crafting a Robust Cloud Security Strategy in 2024

Discover key components and best practices for creating a modern cloud security strategy.

Three Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Security Posture

As your organization transforms its digital infrastructure, cybersecurity needs to go through the same transformation.

5 Trends That Are Changing the Landscape of Cybersecurity in 2024

If you want your organization to remain secure, it’s not enough to keep up with the trends — you need to be one step ahead.

Your Data Has Moved to the Cloud — Can Your Security Strategy Keep Up?

The modern workforce is characterized by the desire for flexibility, and your organization must adopt a new approach to security to match.

Five Steps Towards Building a Better Data Security Strategy

A unified edge security platform can give you the visibility and control you need to create a modern and efficient architecture for protecting users, applications and data.

How to Mitigate Risks When Your Data is Scattered Across Clouds

As you transition to the cloud, it’s critical to have security that is equipped to handle the risks. A unified cloud-delivered security platform is the best solution.

Social Engineering and VPN Access: The Making of a Modern Breach

It’s tough to find the silver lining in a security incident, but we can always do our best to learn from each one. Here's what we can glean from a breach on Uber.

Cloud Data Protection: How 5 Organizations Stay Secure With Lookout

To enforce cloud data protection policies across SaaS apps, a cloud access security broker (CASB) has become a necessity.

Cloud Application Security: What Every Organization Needs to Know About Protecting Data in SaaS Apps

IT teams must find a way to secure SaaS apps, and existing security solutions simply aren’t designed to protect sensitive data in the cloud.

The Middle East’s Getting a Little Cloudy: My Thoughts from Gitex 2022

If you stroll around Gitex, you’ll find everything from flying cars, robotics, and environment controls to IT and security.

Lookout Expands Partnership with Cloud Security Platform to deliver SSE to Verizon Business Customers

Verizon has launched the Lookout suite of cloud security solutions to deliver security service edge (SSE) and ensure that customers can seamlessly secure their data and apps.

Lookout Contributes to 2022 Verizon MSI With Mobile and Cloud Security Insights

This year’s MSI is especially interesting, as it dives deeper into the interconnectivity that now exists between endpoint devices and cloud applications.

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House: Protect Your Cloud Data From Insider Threats

We often associate breaches with corporate espionage and advanced persistent threat groups, but often, data is leaked by an organization’s own employees.

Safeguard Against Account Takeovers with Endpoint-to-Cloud Security

Your employees can now use whatever device and networks are available to connect to your cloud apps - where you likely don’t have visibility and control.

Lookout Global Channel Program | Access to Endpoint-to-Cloud Security

The new partner program will accelerate the growth of our global reach with exclusive benefits, comprehensive education, sales support and marketing resources.

The Future of Cloud-Delivered Security: Lookout Acquires CipherCloud

Today Lookout announced that we’ve acquired CipherCloud, a leading cloud-native security company that operates in the emerging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market.

The Cloud, the Breach, and the Increased Role of CSPM

Cloud adoption has reached stratospheric levels causing increased volume of workloads & applications usage. Enter Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

Securing the Multi-Cloud Environment through CSPM and SSPM

With the growing cloud popularity and adoption, organizations migrating their business-critical applications to the cloud are overlooking a simple cloud security question.

The Modern Kill Chain: How Attacks Have Gone From Months to Minutes

Cloud breaches are now happening in minutes, not months.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024: Emerging Threats and Best Practices

Watch this webinar where our experts will share insights into the latest cybersecurity trends and how they could impact your organization in 2024.

Integrated Endpoint-to-Cloud Security Is Essential (Swedish)

To securely tap into productivity you need secure access service edge (SASE), delivering security in the cloud like you still have a perimeter.

Lookout + CipherCloud: The Future of Cloud-Delivered Security

The need for an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security solution is accelerated by the proliferation of remote users. Join us to learn more.

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