Protect Your Cloud Apps and Data.

Lookout Secure Cloud Access secures access to and protects data stored in your cloud apps. With both inline and api-based security, it provides deep visibility and control over users, data, and apps, keeping workers secure, flexible and productive.

Adopt cloud apps and services, without sacrificing security.

While cloud apps have empowered workers to access information readily and stay productive from anywhere, they’ve also greatly increased risk for enterprise data. Legacy solutions can’t address these issues, what’s needed is a cloud solution.

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See the advantage of cloud-native visibility and control.

Can Lookout Secure Cloud Access help secure corporate data in cloud and SaaS apps? See how cloud-specific security does what traditional perimeter-focused products can’t.

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Product Description

Lookout Secure Cloud Access provides visibility into data, devices, and users, continuous monitoring of user and entity behavior analytics, and advanced data protection controls, enabling you to securely collaborate in a hybrid work environment.

The most optimal and secure user experience.

Users can access private, cloud, and SaaS apps anywhere, with real-time security and traffic steering that protect and optimize their experience.

Email security with integrated data protection.

Minimize your risk when sharing sensitive data with advanced data protection and anomaly detection integrated with your email.

Data protection that enables secure productivity.

Apply granular data protection policies including redacting, masking, watermarking, and authenticating, to keep data secure and boost productivity.

Reduce your risk of unauthorized usage.

With continuous anomaly detection, you get alerted faster to threats and can quickly mitigate their impact. It’s all seamless, all on one platform.

Protection templates for all major SaaS apps.

Stay secure with advanced, purpose built integrations with major cloud apps including Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Workday.

Lookout Secure Cloud Access can protect what traditional security can't.

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Key Capabilities

Secure data shared between employees, partners, and contractors.

  • Get more visibility and control into all users and data with both a forward and reverse proxy.
  • Use the context of the device, user, application, and data to control access to applications and apply controls to protect data that is shared.
  • Leverage built in DLP capabilities to detect sensitive data and apply a range of content digital rights actions.

Apply security controls to data in transit and at rest.

  • Provide best in class protection for data stored in cloud apps.
  • Intercept and analyze encrypted traffic from both approved and unapproved cloud apps to detect any threats.
  • Analyze and protect data stored within cloud apps and public cloud repositories through API-integrations and provide actionable insights to admins.
  • Leverage deep application intelligence to detect privileged admin activities, to help meet compliance requirements and mitigate cyber attacks.

Agent and agentless access to cloud and SaaS apps.

  • Provide secure access to SaaS apps for partners and contractors using unmanaged devices with forward and reverse proxy modes.
  • Enforce adaptive access controls based on inputs such as user risk, ip risk, device type, location, and network inputs.
  • Leverage user behavior analytics to spot anomalous user activities and integrate with access management solutions for more robust authentication.

Cloud-native architecture delivering enterprise grade scalability and performance.

  • Gain control over internet, private apps, and SaaS apps with a single proxy, single agent architecture that unifies access and security policies.
  • Enjoy blazing fast performance enabled by shortest-path routing through our extensive network of global POPs.
  • Achieve data sovereignty compliance with our in-region local data hosting options.

Detect and prevent data exfiltration.

  • Prevent both accidental and malicious data exfiltration, monitor uploads, downloads, and copies.
  • Control external shares and emails with sensitive data and prevent upload of sensitive data to web sites.
  • Remove external recipients, encrypt, redact, watermark, and prevent forwarding of content.
  • Gain greater visibility with advanced inspection of both structured (e.g. databases) and unstructured (e.g. text files, images) data.

Real time guidance for proper usage of corporate apps and data.

  • Provide notification in real-time when users access and share sensitive data.
  • Customize notifications to educate users about making smart data access and usage decisions and prevent insecure practices.
  • Distinguish personal and corporate instances of an app in real-time to block sensitive data to the personal app and direct users to the corporate app.

Identify malicious content and reduce the risk of exposure across your ecosystem 

  • Cloud sandbox identifies and provides detailed examination of potentially suspicious files that malware signatures do not recognize
  • Files are analyzed and validated with the latest threat intelligence and multiple dynamic machine learning, AI, and correlation engines to reduce false positives and stop zero day threats
  • Detailed reports are provided that include contextual information such as MITRE ATT&CK mapping, file, registry, process, and network changes

Proof of Value

Excellent Add-On For Cloud Storage

Excellent company to work with, this product enabled wider cloud storage adoption for us by providing an option to encrypt data with separate keys.

Security and Risk Management

50M - 250M USD

May 27, 2022
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Amazing CASB to Help With Data Security and DLP Integration

Lookout CASB is a great product. Out of all the products reviewed, it was the only product that allowed the data to be secured, regardless of location of endpoint or the data itself, as the security follows the data.

Security and Risk Management

Gov't/PS/ED 5,000 - 50,000 Employees

April 26, 2022
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Most Flexible Solution

Lookout CASB is the only solution that lowers costs and simplifies security and access control across all touchpoints, cloud, and on-premises systems. My experience with Lookout CASB has been exactly as I had planned; it has given us complete control over access management and security.


IT Services

30B + USD

April 13, 2022
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One platform to protect it all.

Built on our data-centric cloud security platform, Lookout deliver a seamlessly unified approach for end-to-end zero trust.

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