Promote Collaboration Securely From Anywhere

Boost team collaboration and productivity by enabling workers, contractors, and partners to share sensitive data using email and collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, Box, and others without worrying about data protection.

54% of workers are frustrated with outdated technology that also exposes them to risk.

The increase in phishing attacks linked to the use of highly targeted collaborative apps like Office 365 and G-Suite.
of US businesses have not updated their cyber security strategy since the proliferation of remote work.

Traditional security isn’t designed for collaboration.

Rigid security policies don’t allow for a collaborative environment, which affects worker productivity and results in insecure practices.

Once data leaves your network, it’s harder to control.

While protecting and handling sensitive data once it’s shared externally is hard, it’s critical for maintaining compliance.

A tough balance: Stifle collaboration or increase risk?

Traditional security policies are rigid and force IT into an all or nothing approach that limits collaboration and inhibits employee productivity.

Today, data flows between countless users and devices. Protect sensitive data and keep it from being shared via non compliant means, while empowering remote workers to share sensitive data across a collaborative workplace with confidence.

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Digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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See first hand what unified data protection really looks like.

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