Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats with AI and ML

At the foundation of the Lookout Cloud Security Platform is our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. Leveraging industry-leading threat telemetry, we ensure that you keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

AI/ML Technical Diagram

Detect and respond with ease

Since the founding of Lookout, AI and ML have been core to how we combat mobile and web-based threats. Using a big-data approach, we’re able to automate security analysis and decision-making processes.

To power this engine, we've amassed the world's most extensive mobile threat dataset, comprising telemetry from more than 210 million devices and 280 million apps, and insights from more than 410 million URLs and 17,500 SaaS apps.

Accelerated analysis and in-depth insights
Reduces reliances on manual processes
Precise and automated protection
Faster incident response and onboarding

Safeguard against device and app vulnerabilities

To keep up with the vulnerabilities across OS updates, patches, and apps, our AI and ML work in tandem with our mobile vulnerability management (MVM) technology. We use big data and automated analysis to provide insights into each device, identifying the newest software available and its security impact.

In-depth device and app profiles

We gather information about every device, tracking aspects like the current OS iteration, security patch status, hardware details, and the apps installed.

Tracking vulnerabilities across databases

Our platform ingests data from renowned vulnerability databases, such as the Apple Security Updates, Android Security Bulletin, and NIST's National Vulnerability Database, and maps them with the apps and devices within your fleet.

Insights into risk level

By cross-referencing device, app, and vulnerability data, we’re able to tell you the number of CVEs present, what software versions are required, and the severity level and impact of each vulnerability.

Streamlined metadata gathering

We systematically collect the metadata behind each site, such as its IP, URL, SSL, and Whois, to identify patterns between each web destination.

Identifying risky or malicious code

We analyze and compare code segments from different sites to identify structures that indicate a risky or malicious web page.

Site behavior insights

We run sites on both mobile and traditional platforms to evaluate how they behave in different situations.

Detect and block every phishing attack 

Our AI and ML technology works alongside our phishing and content protection (PCP) technology to predict any site’s category and reputation, even if it’s brand new.

We combine sandbox analysis, threat intelligence, and telemetry data from over 400 million URLs analyzed to date, to identify and block phishing attacks from any communications channel.

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