Three Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Security Posture

As your organization transforms its digital infrastructure, cybersecurity needs to go through the same transformation.

Enhancing Mobile Device Security: Applying the NIS2 Directive

In response to a changing threat landscape, the EU's NIS2 directive recommends mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions.

Lookout Helps Leading Fintech Company Improve Data Security and Compliance

See how Lookout helped a leading FinTech provider protect customer data and reach security compliance using Secure Cloud Access with DLP.

How Lookout Enforces Consistent Policies Across a Hybrid Cloud and Keeps Patient Data Secure

See how Lookout helped them protect their sensitive data and meet compliance regulations as they migrated to full cloud adoption.

3 Ways to Secure SAP SuccessFactors and Stay Compliant

The wide range of sensitive employee data within SuccessFactors creates additional security and compliance challenges.

PSD2 Compliance: Mobile App Security for Your Payment Apps

The security requirements mandated by the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) directive create the need for stronger authentication and secure payment transactions.

Why Your GDPR Compliance Strategy Must Include Mobile

When considering compliance, enterprises must put mobile devices on even footing with desktops. This is especially true when the GDPR takes effect.

How We Secure Your Data by Integrating Mobile and Cloud Security

See how Lookout provides visibility into mobile threats to help you support compliance and prevent breaches with our integrated access controls which can assess telemetry.

Security vs. Privacy: Why Can’t You Have It All?

Your workers are more productive with personal mobile devices. Hear how you can regain visibility on mobile devices while still protecting employee privacy.

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