The Mobile Threat Landscape Report

Based on an analysis of Lookout’s security dataset of more than 300 million mobile apps, 220 million mobile devices, and billions of web items, Lookout has authored the Mobile Threat Landscape Report. To keep ahead of cyberattacks, it’s important to understand how threats are evolving - especially in areas like mobile devices where you tend to have less visibility into risk. The report covers:

  • How mobile phishing has grown and continues to be a challenge
  • The most dangerous mobile malware families and their capabilities
  • The most critical mobile app vulnerabilities, how they leak sensitive data, and how attackers exploit them
  • How you can defend your users, devices, and data from these evolving threats in 2024 and beyond
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Mobile Phishing & Malicious Apps Global Threat Maps

Using the maps below, you can understand the prevalence of mobile phishing and malicious app risks in your part of the world. This helps inform your decisions and understanding of the threats your employees may be exposed to - especially if you have a global workforce.

Empowering Your Organization
with Advanced Threat Intelligence

Lookout collects and analyzes proprietary data points to provide your security teams with comprehensive protection capabilities against mobile cyber attacks. Our advanced threat intelligence and machine learning technology ensure that your mobile devices are safeguarded from the latest threats.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Research

Our team of researchers consistently discover novel mobile malware and uncover the latest tactics used by threat actors.

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Take proactive steps to protect your organization based on Lookout’s industry-leading research and guidance.

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