7 Top Mobile Security Threats: Safeguard Your Device

Learn about the top mobile security threats and how to defend against them. Keep devices — and sensitive data — safe with these helpful insights.

Security Made Easy: Mobile Security That Won’t Stretch Your IT Team

Discover how Lookout simplifies mobile security with easy deployment and management, enhancing IT efficiency without added strain.

7 Essential Tips to Prevent Social Engineering

To prevent social engineering, you should educate your employees on common red flags and keep your hardware and software up to date.

Navigating BYOD Security: Proven Strategies and Best Practices for Success

Employees rely on their personal devices to get work done. A sensible BYOD security policy can help safeguard your organization’s data.

Privacy vs. Mobile Security: Why You Don’t Have to Choose

Many people are resistant to putting an employee-mandated security app on their phone, but organizations don't have to sacrifice security for privacy.

Don’t Forget Mobile Security: How Mobile Devices Serve as Keys to the Cloud

To modern threat actors, mobile devices are the keys to the kingdom, providing a pathway for attackers to compromise your entire organization.

5 Trends That Are Changing the Landscape of Cybersecurity in 2024

If you want your organization to remain secure, it’s not enough to keep up with the trends — you need to be one step ahead.

Busting 6 Myths About Mobile Device Security

While most organizations have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place to protect their laptops and corporate networks, mobile devices are often left underprotected.

NIST 800-124 Cybersecurity Publication Revision: How to Implement Mobile Security

NIST recently released a comprehensive document offering valuable insights and guidelines for implementing robust mobile endpoint security solutions.

Enhancing Mobile Device Security: Applying the NIS2 Directive

In response to a changing threat landscape, the EU's NIS2 directive recommends mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions.

Top Mobile App Security Risks: From Risky Behavior to Hidden Malicious Code

TikTok to Pinduoduo and Temu are just some of the most recent examples of mobile app risks. Read this blog to learn about how you can protect your organization from them.

Lookout Powers VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Lookout and VMware recently announced the debut of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), a mobile security solution incorporating Lookout mobile protection technologies.

Critical Mobile Security Capabilities Everyone Needs

While away from the office, your workers are using their mobile devices to stay productive. So how do you secure your data in this new reality?

Lookout Named Best Mobile Security Solution by the SC Awards

I’m pleased to share that Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security has achieved yet another leadership milestone by being named SC Awards’ Best Mobile Security Solution of 2021.

Mobile Security Best Practices for Law Firms

Proper training will go a long way to reduce the risk to which your firm is exposed, as will having effective security in place.

Got MDM? Here Are Five Reasons Why You Still Need Mobile Security

MDM is a valuable component of an organization’s mobile strategy. But you also need mobile security to make sure your sensitive data is protected.

The Increasing Need for Mobile Security Among U.S. Federal Agencies

Employees are accessing sensitive data through their personal smartphones and tablets while they’re outside the protective perimeter of the office.

Lookout Partners With Trustonic To Bring Enhanced Mobile Security to Payment and Banking Applications

Lookout and Trustonic join to provide customers with protection from cyberthreats targeting banking, payment and other critical mobile transactions

Improve Mobile Security Now — Or It Could Be Mandated Later

The trend toward mobility is an essential part of fulfilling the government’s mission of service to the American public.

Lookout Brings Mobile Security to SentinelOne Customers

Together with Lookout, SentinelOne will now be able to offer organizations a way to secure mobile endpoints as thoroughly as they protect traditional endpoints.

Mobile Security at the Center of Federal Internet of Things (IoT)

The "Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017," ensures that vendors selling IoT devices to the U.S. government meet certain cybersecurity standards.

Better Federal Mobile Security — An Interview With Kiersten Todt

Over the past decade, the federal government has followed the rest of society in a general move towards mobility.

Forrester’s Now Tech Mobile Security Report: The 2018 Vendor Landscape

To achieve comprehensive security, enterprises must choose solutions that complement their existing security ecosystem. Forester’s new Now Tech report reinforces this fact.

Cloud-First, Device Assisted: A Layered Defense Model

Stopping these malicious actors requires the kind of long view, holistic effort that Lookout has employed with its unique "cloud-first, device assisted" approach.

Mobile Threat Defense: The Drawbacks of “On-Device” MTD Solutions

Understanding each vendor’s technology approach and philosophy behind these solutions and the real implications on cybersecurity effectiveness.

2017 Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense

Gartner says ​that​ ​leaving mobile​ ​endpoints​ ​unsecured​ ​presents​ ​an​ ​urgent​ ​risk​ ​to​ ​corporate,​ ​government,​ ​and​ ​regulated personal​ ​data.

Lookout & DHS Partnership | Best Mobile Security for Govt. Agencies

Today, DHS S&T announced it is partnering with Lookout to enhance the powerful Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution for government agencies.

3 Insights From the Gartner Hype Cycle for Mobile Security 2017

Gartner recently released its July 2017 Hype Cycle for Mobile Security 2017, confirming that mobile threat defense (MTD) has matured as a key enterprise security technology.

Game on: Mobile Security Heats Up

When a sleeping giant suddenly wakes up and says, “We have to get into that market!” it serves as market validation that helps our market grow.

Q&A With Bob Stevens: Where Federal Agencies Are Putting Their Dollars in Mobile Security

Lookout VP of Federal Bob Stevens disusses how the Spectrum of Mobile Risk impacts government agencies and organizations.

EMM With Unified MTD + MARS Is the Best Practice for Mobile Security

Mobile security technology is moving towards a convergence of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Mobile App Reputation Solutions (MARS).

The Convergence of the Mobile Threat Defense and Mobile App Reputation Market Is Good News for CISOs

In my conversations with CISOs, I repeatedly hear that one of the biggest issues they have is too many security products.

Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity: Prioritize Mobile Security Now

The Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity saying; de-prioritizing mobile security is no longer an option.

Holistic Mobile Security Means Protection From Threats, Data Leakage, and Your Own Applications

Mobile apps have become the primary way we access data, employees have wide control over their mobile environment, and you don’t know who developed those mobile apps.

Here’s What I Told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce About Mobile Security

Jim Dolce, Lookout CEO, had the great pleasure to speak at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 5th Annual Cybersecurity Summit.

Now Available: The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security is a one-stop shop for enterprise IT teams looking to enable mobile productivity in their organizations.

5 Active Mobile Threats Spoofing Enterprise Apps

Enterprise employees use mobile apps every day to get their jobs done, but when malicious actors start impersonating those apps, it's trouble for IT departments everywhere.

The Modern Kill Chain: How Attacks Have Gone From Months to Minutes

Cloud breaches are now happening in minutes, not months.

Understanding the Modern Kill Chain To Keep Data Secure in 2024

Get a behind-the-scenes look at two real-life attacks. Learn how attacks are evolving to target mobile users and actions to protect your data.

The Dangers of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Groups and What Enterprise Security Teams Need to Know

APTs are often thought of as primarily targeting governments for cyber espionage. However in reality, they could have just as much impact on the private sector.

How APT 41 Is Using Mobile Devices to Target Your Organization

Join us for this exclusive partner security briefing for a breakdown of these threats and to see why they are now targeting mobile devices.

Mobile Security for State and Local Agencies

Lookout Security expert Jose Garcia covers strategies for Mobile Endpoint Security and provides information on mobile security, BYOAD, and the emerging threat landscape.

New Guidance for Mobile Security

Hear from US federal CISO's on why they're adopting new guidance from NIST on how to best secure mobile users, particularly those working with sensitive government data.

What is a Mobile Threat?

Learn about the threats that exist for your mobile devices from the experts in mobile and endpoint security, Lookout.