The Rising Threat of Mobile Phishing and How to Avoid It

As mobile devices become integral to work, the threat of mobile phishing grows. Learn how these sophisticated attacks work, their impact, and how to protect your data.

BYOD Increases Mobile Phishing Rates, and the Risks Have Never Been Higher

We've just published our Global State of Mobile Phishing report, which explores phishing trends and the risk they present to both your data and your financial bottom line.

BYOD and Phishing Attacks: Top Threats Facing US Government

Lookout recently released our 2022 US Government Threat Report and we've picked out the main takeaways about the top threats currently facing U.S. government organizations.

Beyond BEC: How Modern Phishing Has Evolved Past Email

Business email compromise (BEC) is big business for malicious actors. According to the 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report, BEC was responsible for $2.4 billion in cyber crimes.

Work and Life Have Intertwined: Why You Need to Protect Against Phishing

Don't bring your personal life into the office; don't bring your work stuff home — these were already difficult tasks prior to the 2020 pandemic.

How to Protect Against SMS Phishing and Other Similar Attacks

Whenever a breach occurs, we always need to think about the lessons that can be learned. Here are my tips for keeping your organization safe from mobile phishing attacks.

When it Comes to Tax Season, There is No Safe Haven From Phishing

Tax-related phishing attacks have become so pervasive that the IRS issued an annual advisory as a warning to businesses and consumers.

Cyber Readiness and the Russia-Ukraine War

The cyber threats initially directed at Ukrainian government bodies and infrastructure could easily be targeted at other nations.

The Olympics and Burner Phones: Are You Sure About the Safety of That QR Code?

While QR codes make navigating activities at the Games easy and contactless, it creates opportunities for them to be abused for phishing purposes.

Financial Sector Phishing Attacks Increase 125%

To better understand how the financial industry reacted to this digital shift, I took a deep dive into the millions of device and threat data in the Lookout Security Graph.

Malware as a Service Meets Mobile Phishing: A Dangerous Combo

This campaign is the latest example of how attacks are leveraging various mobile-targeting methods to maximize their return.

Telkomsel Partnership to Deliver Mobile Device/App Security

We're excited that Telkomsel has partnered with Lookout to launch Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection (MAP).

The Zero Trust Lesson Behind Mobile Phishing Against Australian Officials

Australia recently confirmed that a series of mobile phishing attacks were successfully executed on senior officials. Discover more at Lookout today.

Pharma on the Hook: Cyberattackers Phishing for Your Secret Formulas

We found that 77 percent of mobile phishing attempts on pharmaceutical organizations through the third quarter of 2020 intended on delivering malware.

FBI Cries Foul on Rise in “Vishing” Volume

On August 20, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the rise in vishing attacks.

Mobile Phishing Is Spiking Around the World

Here at Lookout, we often work with organizations on their cybersecurity needs depending on geographical or industry sector priorities.

Global Mobile Phishing Encounters Surged by 37% Amid Shift To Work-From-Home

Mobile Phishing Spotlight Report - Lookout revealed that enterprise mobile phishing encounter rates surged 37% between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

Achieving Unified Endpoint Security: Lookout and VMware Carbon Black

With this UES solution, security teams can use a centralized dashboard to monitor the security of all endpoints accessing resources – both mobile and fixed endpoints.

Protecting Government Agencies From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep the public sector secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

Protecting the Financial Services Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection is designed to keep financial services secure from phishing attacks in the mobile-first, cloud-first and perimeter-less world.

Protecting the Healthcare Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep healthcare organizations secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

5 Steps in the Mobile Phishing Kill Chain

In order for enterprises to protect their users and corporate data from modern phishing attacks, they must first understand how mobile phishing attacks work.

Mobile Phishing Protection: How To Defend Against HTTPS Phishing Attacks

With Lookout deployed, enterprises have comprehensive mobile phishing protection, ensuring that their corporate data is secure in today’s mobile-first world.

Texts and Their Impact on Election Campaign Security

Lookout recognized that mobile devices could influence the elections, so that is why we held a special briefing on Capitol Hill in early October.

Mobile Phishing: The Biggest Unsolved Problem in Cybersecurity

Mobile phishing brings together new channels for phishing employees and reduced screen size, causing one of the biggest problems businesses have faced in cybersecurity yet.

Exclusive Partner Briefing: Phishing for Financial Gain: UNC3944

Join our upcoming Exclusive Partner Briefing: Phishing for Financial Gain: UNC3944

Security Briefing for Lookout Partners: Mobile Threats By the Numbers

From phishing attacks to sophisticated device exploits, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices as the primary access point into an organization.

The State of Mobile Phishing in 2023: Why It’s Here To Stay

Discover the key strategies to protect your data from mobile phishing attacks, as attackers capitalize on BYOD and remote workers.

From the Frontlines – Threats for Your Mobile Fleet

Hear first hand from industry leading cybersecurity threat researchers how risks to mobile endpoints are evolving, and how threat actors are targeting mobile cloud services.

Gone Phishing? How Hackers Use Mobile Devices As Bait

Learn why mobile devices are a key target for threat actors looking to gain access to your key corporate infrastructure.

Trends and Statistics for Mobile Phishing in the Enterprise

Employees working outside of their corporate perimeters, coupled with the shift to cloud-based services, opens a whole new door of vulnerabilities. Namely, phishing threats.

The Latest Guidance To Secure Mobile Devices

NIST has released Special Publication (SP) 800-124: Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise.

How Are Attackers Targeting Mobile Devices?

With employees accessing O365, G Suite, Salesforce, and other services where attackers see an opportunity. Join Lookout and Eurofins to learn from the hacker's perspective.

Phishing Threats in a Mobile-Enabled World

Your employees work differently now and the usage of primarily mobile devices, opens a whole new door of vulnerabilities that organizations need to consider.

What is Phishing? 5 Types of Phishing Attacks You Need to Know

To get your attention, phishing attacks use messages designed to look like urgent communication from trusted contacts. Learn more about phishing.