Protect your healthcare practice from endpoint to cloud

Virtual care for real people

The new reality of healthcare is an environment where consultations, diagnoses, and treatments happen remotely, from a variety of devices and locations. Healthcare practitioners have quickly shifted from in-person to virtual appointments, using video and messaging platforms. This has made healthcare more accessible than ever. Patients can now use whatever device and network they have available to connect with their medical provider.

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Caring for patients isn’t your only job

Telemedicine has made healthcare more accessible, but it also increased security risks. To facilitate remote medical treatment, confidential patient information and records are sometimes shared over insecure networks and unmanaged devices, exposing you to serious privacy and compliance issues. Your mission is to safeguard sensitive data while providing seamless care to your patients. But you no longer have the visibility and control you used to have as activities are happening outside your hospital walls and on devices and networks you don’t manage.

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Safeguard patient privacy and data

To ensure the health of your data and your patients, you need security that works regardless of where your staff and patients are and what device they’re on. This requires visibility into how your users are behaving, the endpoints they use, what data you collect and how it’s handled.

Lookout integrates endpoint security with secure access edge service (SASE), enabling you to secure your records, data, devices and people. Our solution gives you complete visibility without violating personal privacy so you can take care of your patients and secure their private health information with confidence.

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How we help our customers

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Your app is your business

Embed security into the apps your patients and staff use to protect your practice.

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Understand app risks

Every cloud service has a mobile app which enables remote patient care. But with greater...

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Lookout delivers endpoint-to-cloud Security