How Lookout Enables Compliance to the UK Cyber Essentials 3.1 Certification

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is crucial for organisations to adopt comprehensive security measures that protect their digital assets. The National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC) Cyber Essentials framework provides a valuable foundation for organisations in the U.K. to strengthen their cybersecurity practices. In this solution brief, we will explore how the Lookout security platform protects users, services and organisation’s data, and aligns closely with the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework by offering robust protection against mobile and cloud-based threats.

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform is the only cloud-native solution that delivers zero-trust security by reducing risk, and protecting your corporate data on any device, any application, and any location.

Mobile Security

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and are widely used in business operations. However, they present unique security challenges due to their portability and constant connection to the internet. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security offers a range of features that enhance mobile security within the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework for organisations’ owned, BYOD, and third-party devices.

  • Mobile threat defence (MTD): Lookout's MTD capabilities provides real-time protection against a broad range of mobile threats, including malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and network-based attacks. By continuously monitoring device behaviour and network connections, Lookout can detect and respond to suspicious activities, ensuring the security of mobile devices within the organization.
  • App security and compliance: Lookout conducts comprehensive app analysis to identify and assess potential risks associated with third-party apps installed on mobile devices. It helps organisations maintain compliance with the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework by ensuring that only trusted and secure apps are used within their infrastructure.
  • Secure web browsing: Lookout protects users against malicious websites and unsafe links by analysing web content in real time. This feature prevents users from accessing malicious sites and defends against phishing attempts, ultimately reducing the risk of compromise.

Cloud Security

With the rapid adoption of cloud computing, it is essential to address the unique security considerations associated with storing and accessing data in the cloud. Lookout Cloud Security solutions offers advanced capabilities that align with the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework:

  • Improve IT efficiency and end-user experiences: Consolidate your on-premises security capabilities with cloud security to deliver seamless end-user access and improved IT security.
  • Detect and mitigate modern day cyber threats: Minimise and mitigate threats more quickly with continuous monitoring, immediate alerts, and 24/7 experts standing by to support.
  • Deliver a centralized zero-trust framework: Provide end-to-end visibility and monitoring while enforcing unified policies across all your apps, data, and user devices.

Aligning with the NCSC Cyber Essentials Framework Tenants

  • Compliance: Lookout mobile and cloud security solutions can help organisations meet several key requirements of the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework, such as mobile device protection, protecting against malware, controlling access to data, and implementing secure configurations.
  • Risk reduction: By leveraging Lookout's mobile and cloud security capabilities, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats, thereby safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining business continuity, and protecting their reputation.
  • Proactive defence: Lookout's proactive threat detection and incident response capabilities align with the NCSC Cyber Essentials framework's objective of maintaining a robust security posture. It enables organisations to identify and respond to threats swiftly, minimising potential damages.
Cyber Essentials Requirements for IT Infrastructure
Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security
Lookout Cloud Security
Bring your own device (BYOD)
Home working
Wireless devices
Cloud services
Accounts used by third parties and managed infrastructure
Cyber Essentials Requirements for IT Infrastructure
Web apps
Cyber Essentials Requirements for IT Infrastructure
Security update management
User access control
Malware protection


The NCSC Cyber Essentials framework provides a solid foundation for organisations in the U.K. to enhance their cybersecurity practices. By integrating Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security and LookoutCloud Security solutions, organisations can effectively address the challenges associated with mobile and cloud-based threats, ensuring compliance with the cybersecurity requirements. Requirements

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