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Lookout Life protects your devices, digital identity, and financial information – so you can work, shop, and connect from anywhere without having to worry.

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Identity thieves stole $3.3B last year. Let’s keep you off their list.

Our data-centric security platform continuously scans for emerging threats to not just block and prevent attacks, but also alert you of potential threats.

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Built for a fluid, digital world

Lookout Life provides proactive security that gives you flexibility and control over where, when, and how your data is being used — without sacrificing privacy.

Power meets simplicity

One easy-to-use app that protects your privacy, identity, and finances with enterprise-grade intelligent security.

Peace of mind comes standard.

Knowing your data is secure across every device and every location means you can connect without ever having to worry.

Get the same security trusted by businesses, governments, and millions of individuals around the world.
Identity & Financial Monitoring
Your important information is continuously monitored, with immediate alerts sent if your data is ever exposed.
24/7 Identity Restoration Support
Our experts are standing by to help you protect and restore your identity.
$1 Million Identity Protection
We provide a $1 million insurance policy to cover costs associated with restoring your identity if it’s stolen.
Data Breach Alerts
Get notified when a company you’re associated with is breached. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to protect your privacy and keep your data safe.
Lost Wallet Assistance
If you ever lose your wallet, we’ll help identify and replace lost IDs and credit cards, and assist with filing a police report.
Social Media Monitor
Get an alert if offensive or personally identifiable information is exposed over any  social network platforms.
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My Social Security number was exposed and they pulled off the impossible. I called the 24 hour line and and an agent cleared it all up in 30 minutes

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Lookout Life
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Lookout alerts me when my personal info has been compromised and makes appropriate recommendations to fix the issues. It's the only tool I trust.

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I have the Premium app on every device–iPhones & iPads–not just mine, but my whole family. I have been a customer for 5 years – they are superior!

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Lookout Life
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Digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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