Reinventing security requires diversity

Lookout is committed to a culture of inclusion.

A Message from our cEO

Lookout, we are committed to making the world more secure as it becomes more connected. As the world becomes “connected,” ideas and opinions are shared freely, business is facilitated, and connections are made all over the world.

This connectedness makes diversity more important than ever. A diverse workforce provides a larger pool of opinions, styles, and experiences. We can draw from that pool to relate to our global customers and improve our business strategy. That’s why I‘ve been committed to diversity-related initiatives across both my business and charitable activities for many years. I know first hand that a diverse collection of skills and experiences is essential to delivering the customer-centricity we value.

"Employees from diverse backgrounds bring unique talents, skills, and experiences necessary for Lookout’s continued growth and success."

We must continue to work on attracting and retaining diverse talent.

For these reasons we’ve made it one of our strategic business objectives to improve the diversity of Lookout’s workforce. After my arrival at Lookout we held a series of discussions about diversity. It was apparent this was a topic folks are passionate about here. One of the results of these early brainstorms was the establishment of an official Diversity Steering Committee that helps guide our diversity efforts. That said, I believe it is the responsibility of every employee in the company, not just management, to make Lookout a welcoming and inclusive workplace where diversity thrives.

Ideas are the cornerstone of innovation and innovation is the lifeblood of technology. The best ideas happen when people with different experiences, cultures, and backgrounds come together to solve a problem. Ideas developed in a silo, with no differing opinions, are rarely extraordinary. Lookout will continue to strive for the extraordinary, which means also striving for world-class diversity.

Jim Dolce

Jim Dolce, Chief Executive Officer, Lookout

Diversity at Lookout is fundamental

Workplace diversity is strategic for Lookout because employees from diverse backgrounds bring the individual skills and experiences necessary for our future success. To ensure Lookout becomes more diverse as we grow, an employee-run and executive-backed Diversity Steering Committee is responsible for directing our efforts towards developing a continuously more diverse and inclusive environment. Part of achieving that goal includes making our diversity metrics public to keep ourselves accountable for change. The data below shows where we are today.


One of the gaps between where Lookout wants to be as a company, and where we are now is in female representation in our technical workforce and management levels. To help close this gap in 2019 we're focusing on increasing our female representation in these two areas. To enable us to track our progress and to benchmark against other companies, we'll use the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology's standard role definitions to define our technical workforce category.


Day of Shecurity

As the founders of "Day of Shecurity", Lookout co-created a conference advocating the inclusion of women in cybersecurity.

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Employees working together to make a difference

While the Diversity Steering Committee at Lookout works to improve inclusion in our internal workplaces, the Lookout Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on giving back to the external communities where our employees live. The Lookout Foundation donates financial resources and employee time to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for women, girls, and other underserved groups. By working to improve technical skills in the next generation, we hope to enable improved opportunities for members of our community and increase diversity among the next generation of Lookout team members.

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